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Historical places Germany

5 Bavarian Castles you should definitely visit

Bavarian Castles: Step into a fairytaleExperience the variety of Bavarian Castles and dive into the past. Numerous Bavarian Castles are known worldwide. The fairy-tale king Ludwig II alone built several impressive, fantastic and dreamy castles in Bavaria.You can walk in the footsteps of kings, let yourself be carried away into different eras and admire truly …

Historical places England

6 historic London sights for Tudor Fans

The Tudor period ended more than 400 years ago with the death of Elizabeth I. But the traces of this dynasty are still preserved today, in history and art, but also in architecture, burial places and places where the significant moments of the Tudor period took place. Many of them are located in the British …

Sisi, not Sissi: The true Empress Elisabeth
European History

Sisi, not Sissi: The true Empress Elisabeth

Everyone knows the films of the “Sissi” trilogy with Romy Schneider. Every Christmas at the latest, the lovely face of the young Empress flickers across the television screens. She became the ideal image of a fairytale princess for generations. But was she even close to it? When the historian Brigitte Hamann discovered the diaries of …

Historical places Netherlands

Why travel to the Netherlands?

This article contains affiliatelinks. The Netherlands, often called Holland, certainly have a reputation with travellers. Known for his very liberal attitude to social issues such as prostitution and drugs, the reputation is not always deserved. Yes, marijuana and prostitution are legal, but there is so much more in the country. Many consider Amsterdam to be …

Historical places in Scotland
Historical places Scotland

Historical places in Scotland

Historical places in Scotland you cannot missFrom medieval castles and cities over magical landscapes to locations known from our favourite period dramas – if you will visit historical places in Scotland, prepare to enter another world. Edinburgh CastleThe most famous castle in Scotland and important part of the country’s history: Edinburgh Castle, situated high on …

Historical places to visit in Germany: Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Historical places Germany

Historical places to visit in Germany

Find the best Historical places to visit in GermanyFrom medieval city centers to Fairytale Castles – Germany’s history of over a millenium is as rich as it is diversified. Out of the many historical sights in Germany, we have picked the ones you simply cannot miss.Neuschwanstein CastleThe 19th century lifework of King Ludwig II of …